Great Lakes Wealth Management - Branding Refresh

Great Lakes Wealth Management, owned and run by Wayne Maslyk in Sandusky, Ohio, has been around for multiple decades, helping people prepare for retirement, as well as helping retirees manage their retirements. When it came time to renew his old logo, he knew that he wanted to keep a similar, iconic lakeside feel, and more so just refresh it. So we approached it with the idea that it was not a total re-design of the logo, but instead just an adjustment. First thing we had to do was re-make the old logo, as it hadn't been updated in years, so all we had to work on was a couple of low-quality images of it. We re-created the old logo from those images, and then worked to soften the edges and make it feel a little smoother. We then picked out a brand new color palette that we based off of his old one, paring a beautiful yellow and blue that go great with white. We finished it off with a new font pairing, and a variety of layout options. This new logo has been in use all over the area on local TV stations and in local magazines and flyers. What an awesome little project!