Canton Symphony Orchestra 2020 Show Cards

Canton Symphony Orchestra in Canton, Ohio reached out to us to design a set of postcards that could be used to advertise their 2020 set of shows, of which their were 8 in total. For each show, they wanted a 4"x6" postcard that they could both use in mailers as well as post online. These shows ranged widely in themes, from 80s music to a tribute to their director, and they wanted the cards to all have a very distinct feel for the show, but all to be united by some common design threads. We decided to do a design set that trended around hand-drawn simple art using basic shapes, filled in with interesting colors and gradients. Then, we used a select subset of fonts and sizing to unite all of the designs. The final result is an incredible set of postcards!

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, CSO was forced to cancel some of these shows, and some of them have been re-scheduled to 2021. If you'd like to check out what shows are coming up, you can visit their website here.