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Making the Lake Life Better.
That's our only goal.

We're born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio. We've been following the incredible transformation of our hometown over the past few years. When we moved back into the area, we decided that we wanted use our skills to be a part of that transformation. We started shoreline so that we could get involved in helping our community shape the future of the waterfront. We never want to be some big media company that ships content all over the world. We're genuinely just fans of the community around us. We believe that every person, business, or area around us has a unique history. Our goal is to find the people behind your favorite project, business, or cool little spot and tell the stories that made it come to life. We remain hyper-focused on Lake Erie and the incredible things that are happening here, and asking ourselves one question - how can we help?.

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We want to see you thrive.
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